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After much browsing ,i got no where and decided to go with the company who did the prewire , went with GE Concord 4 , didnt choose the monitoring option ,just wanted to have the system installed and decided to add monitoring at a later point . So they charged me 800$ to install the main system in basement , two control panelsone near garage and one in master a motion sensor and a Siren. Is this is the norm or is it pricey?Last year a cyber attack affected this residence, business sites, phone and devices including TV. Replaced most devices. Two issues remain: house and computer. There is a clicking/shudder sound when visiting websites hard drive was replaced, the sound persisted. There is also a clicking/shudder sound when moving about the house. An Intrusion Detection Inspection was recommended running about $2,000. Is there some other way to resolve this?Worked in real estate many years, such house safety is a first. Disconnected old home security system. The computer issue is not malware, hired 4 ITs and worked with Malwarebytes and other forums.

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You can get a full refund in the first 60 days if you're not 100% happy with it.

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